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Dudley is Dog of the Year!

December 4, 2018

Cuddly Dudley is Central Bark New Orleans’ Dog of the Year! He’s been coming to us since he was 5 months old and has been a play group favorite ever since. Like most Great Dane’s, Dudley has no idea how big he really is and believes if his head can fit in a space, then […]

Jax is the July Dog of the Month!

July 1, 2018

Congratulations to Jax, our July Dog of the Month! Jax is a happy boy that loves everyone at Central Bark. When he’s not wrestling with Huey or Bentley, he’s entertaining himself chewing on a ball or a Kong. His human family lovingly refers to him as Gordo or Mommy’s Boy, but we call him Sugar […]

Violet – CB-NOLA’s Dog of the Month!!

May 10, 2018

Violet is the May Dog of the Month! She’s a 2 year old Frenchie lovingly called Little Boo or Nugget by Mom and Dad. She has a feline brother named Tyrion that she just loves to chase around the house when she’s not doing a happy dance for her favorite frozen mango and banana treats. […]

Dog Lost In Mountains Rescued By Courageous Hikers

September 30, 2017

After one month of scraping by among the unforgiving terrain of Colorado’s Mount Bross, Chloe is overjoyed to be back in the warm embrace of her family. According to The Denver Post, Larry Osborne’s 14-year-old Lab/pit bull mix went missing in the small town of Alma, Colorado, on Mount Bross. The peak is one of Colorado’s […]

Rescue Dog Searches For Mexico Earthquake Victims

September 24, 2017

Having already save 52 lives during her career, Frida is plunging back into the rubble to find more people. The six-year-old labrador has been deployed at disasters across Central and North America, participating in rescue missions in Haiti, Ecuador and Honduras. Her bravery and resourcefulness has even earned the praise of Mexico’s president, Enrique Pena […]