Congrats, Elvis!

Added on April 30, 2017 :: Posted by meagan

CBNOLA’s May Dog of the Month is…ELVIS! Elvis is a super handsome basset hound who just celebrated his first birthday on April 20th. Elvis started day care here at CBNOLA when he was just 3 months old and now comes to see at least 3 days a week so he has lots of BFFs in all shapes and sizes including Gracie B, Hazel, Bama, Remi and Jasper Z- just to name a few. At home, Elvis is an only dog so he spends all of his time with his human BFFs- his family: Mom, Dad and even Grandma and Grandpa. Having such a big family is perfect for an attention hound like Elvis who requires lots of hugs from anyone and everyone who will give them. Elvis LOVES peanut butter so much he has a little bit every day as well as a piece of cheese for his bedtime snack when he goes to his room and cuddles up with his favorite toy, Mr.Chicken. Elvis’s personality is as big as his ears are long and he has brought us so many smiles and laughs since he started coming to play with us. Congratulations, Elvis and happy belated birthday!

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