Jax is the July Dog of the Month!

Added on July 1, 2018

Congratulations to Jax, our July Dog of the Month! Jax is a happy boy that loves everyone at Central Bark. When he’s not wrestling with Huey or Bentley, he’s entertaining himself chewing on a ball or a Kong. His human family lovingly refers to him as Gordo or Mommy’s Boy, but we call him Sugar Man, because he’s always ready to dish out some kisses to the staff and other playful pups. At home he’s sneaking hot dogs from Dad, hiding his big chew bone in different places around the house or chilling on his favorite big, comfy couch. Jax has come a long way since being rescued. He didn’t even bark for the first 2 months in his new home and still has some stranger danger, but he’s doing great realizing that not all humans are bad and getting comfortable with strangers a lot quicker since coming to Central Bark for socialization. Central Bark loves our Sugar Man, Jax!